At Kilpatrick Design, we use agile project management techniques to help us deliver projects with an eye towards a maximum returned value for our customer. 

Agile Manifesto


Agile is a term that means different things to different groups. To us, it means that 

  • We plan exactly the amount necessary to have an understanding of the large scale project plan, and in exactly enough detail to accomplish the immediate tasks.
  • We constantly communicate with all stakeholders and relentlessly reevaluate priorities and obligations to ensure the work we’re doing right now is the most valuable work we can do.
  • We work in iterative, time-limited segments, wherein we understand all problems we’re trying to solve completely, commit to solve those problems within the time period, and deliver the results as a working product or feature.

Since becoming popular, if not dominant, in modern software development, agile has proven innovative and vastly more effective and efficient at producing work that meets expectations within budget compared to traditional approaches. 

With an agile, iterative methodology, we can ensure that the budget you choose for the project is directed in a way that provides the most value for your organization, and that is laser-focused on delivering working improvements to that product at each iteration. As development progresses, your key stakeholders will have the opportunity to review and approve/accept each batch of features and changes as they happen. 

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